Data Scientist

Job Responsibilities: Conduct independent (but complementary) research, build, and deploy scalable models in machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistics; implement new state-of-the-art algorithms and/or hardware systems to support research and development goals. Encouraged to think out-of-the-box, innovate and find solutions to real-life problems. Work with software team on designing, implementing, and analyzing techniques. Contribute to

Feature Engineer

Job Responsibilities: Explore and incorporate new features into existing models to improve the performance. Built robust feature extraction that is proper for machine-learning tasks. Skill in efficiently implementing algorithms that are published in technical papers and/or innovating algorithms. Demonstrated creative and critical thinking with an innate drive to improve how things work. Use a flexible,

Data Scientist (Artificial Intelligence)

Job Responsibilities: Work in projects involving AI, big data, and machine learning. Providing Technology Solution Development and Integration across the SDLC. Ability to develop and/or improve the existing algorithm to meet the requirements. Performing project tasks independently, and may direct the efforts of others. Anticipate client needs and formulate solutions to client issues. Artificial Intelligence

Data Scientist (Image analysis)

Job Responsibilities: Design, implement, and analyze techniques in computer vision, anomaly detection, early warning detection, human behavior prediction, and deep learning. Data collection, preprocessing, and feature extraction. Data annotation for model training. Software Development Kit (SDK); Video Compression, Image Analytics, Facial Recognition, Image Recognition Implement new state-of-the-art algorithms and ML models to support research and